Montgomery County Amends Paid Sick Leave Law to Include Paid Benefits for Parents

On Nov. 1, 2016, the Montgomery County Council enacted Bill 32-16, which amends Montgomery County’s recently enacted sick and safe leave law (Bill No. 60-14, covered in the June 1, 2016, edition of Compliance Corner) to include paid benefits for parents. As background, the sick and safe leave law (which took effect Oct. 1, 2016) requires employers to provide most employees in the county with up to 56 hours of paid sick and safe leave. Implementation and actual hours required depend on the size of the employer and type of employee.The new bill amends the law by adding two related purposes for which use of paid leave accrued under the sick and safe leave law will be permitted: Birth of a child or for the placement of a child with the employee for adoption or foster care and to care for a newborn, newly adopted or newly-placed child within one year of birth, adoption or placement. The amendment is effective immediately.Employers in Montgomery County should review the new law and the new amendment and work with their advisor and/or outside counsel in updating their leave policies.

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