OR State Updates - 2015 Jan 30 No.05

On June 11, 2015, Gov. Brown signed HB 3343 into law, creating Chapter 412 of the 2015 Laws. The law requires plans that provide coverage for prescription drugs to also provide coverage for prescription contraceptives. Plans also must provide coverage for examinations, medical services, outpatient consultations and procedures that are necessary to administer, deliver, dispense, distribute, prescribe or remove prescription contraceptives if plans offer similar coverage for other prescription drugs. ‘Prescription contraceptives’ means drugs and devices that require a prescription and are approved by the federal Food and Drug Administration to prevent pregnancy. Plans must reimburse health-care providers or entities that dispense contraceptives intended to last for a:

Three-month period for the first dispensing of contraceptives to plan participants; and

12-month period for subsequent dispensing of the same contraceptives to plan participants regardless of whether plan participants are plan enrollees at the time of the first dispensing.

There is an exemption for religious employers, including employers that are nonprofit entities organized to promote religious beliefs (such as churches) and primarily employ employees who share employers' beliefs. These types of employers are not required to offer plans or policies that provide contraceptive coverage if contraceptive use conflicts with the employers' religious beliefs. The law is effective Jan. 1, 2016.

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