NV State Updates - 2015 Jan 30 No.01

On June 5, 2015, Gov. Sandoval signed SB 250, into law, creating Chapter 376. Chapter 376 requires certain health insurance policies and health care plans to provide coverage for certain prescriptions dispensed for a supply of fewer than 30 days. Plans that provide prescription drug coverage must have medication synchronization programs for dispensing less than a 30-day supply of chronic medication if health care providers or pharmacists determine it is in the plan participant’s best interest. ‘Synchronizing’ means aligning the dispensing of multiple chronic medications by a single pharmacy in order to improve the plan participant’s adherence to a prescribed course of medication.

If plans otherwise approve coverage for prescription drugs, then they must also approve coverage for prescription drugs that are subject to medical synchronization. While plans can apply copayments and deductibles to prescription drugs dispensed in this manner, plans are not permitted to prorate pharmacy dispensing fees for prescriptions dispensed consistent with this requirement.

Synchronization is not required for controlled substances if unit-of-use packaging (i.e. manufacturer packaged blister packs) is used, or if it is not practical.

This is effective for plans delivered, issued or renewed on or after Jan. 1, 2017.

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