New Ordinance Mandates Paid Parental Leave for San Francisco Employees

On April 21, 2016, Mayor Lee signed the San Francisco Paid Paternal Leave Ordinance (SF PPLO) into law. The ordinance will enhance the California Paid Family Leave (CA PFL) program by supplementing compensation available to covered employees who take time off to bond with a new child. Under the current CA PFL law, California workers may receive 55 percent of their wages for up to six weeks (set to increase to 60 or 70 percent in 2018, depending on income).

However, effective Jan. 1, 2017, the SF PPLO requires covered employers (as defined by the San Francisco Police Code) with 50 or more total employees to provide the balance remaining after the CA PFL so that the covered employee’s compensation equals 100 percent. Further, a phase in schedule requires covered employers with 35 or more employees to comply by July 1, 2017 and those with 20 or more employees to comply by Jan. 1, 2018.

The SF PPLO defines a “covered employee” (i.e., one who is eligible for additional compensation) as one who meets all of the following criteria:

  1. Began employment at least 180 days before start of the leave period.
  2. Performs a minimum of 8 hours per week for the employer located in San Francisco.
  3. At least 40 percent of weekly hours worked for the employer are in San Francisco; and
  4. Eligible to receive CA PFL compensation for purposes of bonding with a new child.

In addition, covered San Francisco employers have a new SF PPLO poster requirement, compensation calculation instructions and a specific leave form that employees must complete in order to receive additional compensation. The San Francisco Office of Labor Standards Enforcement is responsible for enforcing the employer requirements of the PPLO.

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