DC State Updates - 2015 Jan 06 No.01

On Sept. 17, 2015, DC Act 21-90 took effect. Enacted June 17, 2015, Act 21-90 is called the “Healthy Hearts of Babies Act of 2015.” Under the new law, insurers must provide coverage for critical congenital heart disease screenings for newborns delivered in hospitals, maternity centers or in homes. Specifically, ‘critical congenital heart disease’ means a group of heart defects that cause serious, life-threatening symptoms and require intervention within the first day or first year of life. Under the law, screening must be performed using pulse oximetry (noninvasive procedures used to measure blood oxygen levels) until additional alternative tests are adopted by the American Academy of Pediatrics. The new law contains no new requirements for employers, but employers should be aware of the changes should questions arise relating to coverage of newborn congenital heart disease screenings.

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