Statute Reduces Burdens on Telehealth

On July 6, 2020, Gov. Polis signed SB 20-212 into law. This statute revises an existing telehealth statute to prohibit carriers from imposing specific requirements or limitations on HIPAA-compliant technologies that a provider uses to deliver telehealth services; imposing a requirement that a patient-provider relationship must exist before providing telehealth services; and imposing any additional certification, location or training requirements on a provider as a condition for reimbursing that provider for providing telehealth services.

The statute also allows for the supervision of home healthcare services via telemedicine or telehealth and requires that any healthcare provided through telemedicine meet the same standards of care as in-person visits.

Finally, the statute also requires that the state reimburse rural health clinics, the federal Indian health service, and federally qualified health centers for providing telehealth or telemedicine services at the same rates as those for face-to-face meetings.

Although this statute affects carriers regulated by the state, employers should be aware of these developments.

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