Coverage for Telehealth Expanded

Under existing state law, policies providing hospital, medical and surgical coverage must also provide coverage for certain telehealth services. Effective July 17, 2020, and expiring July 1, 2021, House Substitute 1 for H.B. 348 expands that coverage to include telehealth services provided without the use of visual communication. This would include services provided via non-smart phones and landline connections. The plan cannot require a previously established relationship between the participant and the healthcare provider prior to the telehealth visit. The healthcare provider must be licensed to provide services in Delaware or the state in which they are located. Finally, coverage for telehealth services must include prescribing of controlled substances, including opioids.

The insurer providing the group policy should make the appropriate changes to the plan’s benefits to comply with the law. Employer plan sponsors should revise any plan documentation and communications as necessary to inform participants of the expanded coverage.

House Substitute 1 for H.B. 348 »