COVID-19 Insurance Updates

On April 30, 2020, the Division of Insurance issued Bulletin No. B-4.108, which covers all carriers offering individual, small group and large group health benefit plans, and managed care plans, including health-savings-account (HSA)-qualified health benefit plans, and grandfathered health benefit plans that are subject to the insurance laws of Colorado. TPAs for self-insured plans are also encouraged to read and follow the requirements in the bulletin.

The bulletin clarifies the testing, diagnosis and screening for COVID-19 and insurers’ obligations under Emergency Regulation 20-E-01 (as discussed in the March 31, 2020, edition of Compliance Corner). It requires carriers to use both in-network and out-of-network labs in order to make sure that there is enough testing for COVID-19 to meet the demand, with no cost sharing. In addition, carriers shall cover cost sharing where licensed health care providers are administering COVID-19 tests and are prohibited from requiring providers to collect cost shares. This testing shall be covered when the testing is conducted in an in-network provider office setting, an in-network urgent care center setting, an emergency room setting, and nontraditional care settings where licensed health care providers are administering the testing.

The bulletin reminds carriers that the emergency regulation requires them to cover without cost sharing any test approved for use in detecting or diagnosing of COVID-19 in accordance with the CARES Act and subsequent federal guidance, including serological testing and any other tests a provider determines appropriate when determining the need for COVID-19 diagnostic testing, such as influenza or pneumonia testing.

The regulation is primarily directed at carriers. However, employers should also be aware of these developments.

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