Additional Telehealth Guidance

On April 8, 2020, the Insurance Department (NHID) released Bulletin 20-24-AB providing guidance to carriers and providers regarding Emergency Order #8 (see the Compliance Corner article from March 31, 2020, for more information on Emergency Order #8). More specifically, the bulletin highlights the following:

  • Emergency Order #8 allows providers to perform health care services through all means of telehealth. Further, the department requires coverage of telehealth services when covered under the policy and appropriate through telehealth.
  • First dollar coverage is required for services provided via telehealth related to COVID-19. In other words, no cost sharing is required for the COVID-19 test and the health care visit that results in being tested for COVID-19 when the patient meets the testing criteria. In addition, this requirement for no cost sharing includes all the services during the visit (regardless of test results).

While this guidance pertains to carriers and providers, employers should be aware of these updates.

Bulletin 20-24-AB »