Coverage Reminders for COVID-19 Testing, Telemedicine and Other Services

On April 21, 2020, the Indiana Department of Insurance issued Bulletin 253, providing further guidance during the public health emergency that supplements Executive Order 20-13 and Bulletin 252. (See the April 14, 2020, and March 31, 2020, Compliance Corner articles for more information on Order 2020-13 and Bulletin 252).

As an overview, Bulletin 253 provides guidance and reminders regarding COVID-19 testing and treatment (consistent with federal laws FFCRA and CARES Act) and specifically reminds insurers to:

  • Waive cost sharing for telemedicine services related to testing and screening of COVID-19 (and encourages telemedicine to be used in any applicable instances in connection with testing, screening and treatment of COVID-19)
  • Promote and support use of telemedicine and not to limit telemedicine care to COVID-19-related services
  • Allow for telemedicine coverage without impacting HSA eligibility
  • Permit audio-only telemedicine services for Medicare beneficiaries
  • Allow for early prescription drug refills when appropriate and encourages insurers to permit use of out-of-network pharmacies (at in-network benefit level of coverage) if there is a shortage of medications at network pharmacies

While the above guidance largely impacts insurers, employers should be aware of these reminders.

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