COVID-19 Guidance to Insurers in Small and Large Group Markets

On April 10, 2020, Commissioner Caride released Bulletins 20-12 and 20-13, providing guidance on COVID-19 to insurers in the small employer market and large employer market, respectively. Among other things, the guidance requires insurers to allow for employees that are working fewer than full-time hours to remain eligible for coverage, to allow rehired employees to resume coverage absent a waiting period, to provide a 60-day grace period to any policyholder that has been financially or physically impacted by COVID-19, and to recognize time off for COVID-19 as time off due to a health factor (as it pertains to actively-at-work clauses).

While this guidance is aimed at insurers, employers should familiarize themselves with the guidance to understand the flexibility that must be provided by insurers.

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