Telehealth Guidance

On March 25, 2020, the Department of Consumer and Business Services and Oregon Health Authority issued telehealth guidance in relation to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, recognizing the need for Oregonians to be able to access health care services without visiting their provider in person. The guidance requires health plans to:

  • Cover telehealth services delivered by in-network providers to replace in-person visits whenever possible and medically or clinically appropriate
  • Examine reimbursement rates for telehealth services to ensure they are adequate to enable providers to increase capacity to serve patients with appropriate telehealth delivery methods
  • Ensure cost-sharing requirements for services delivered via telehealth are no greater than if the service was delivered through in-person settings
  • Clearly communicate to their members and provider networks about options to receive health care services via appropriate telehealth delivery modes as well as how to bill for such services
  • Examine their provider networks to ensure robust telehealth services are available and consider contracting with more providers to help bolster telehealth capacity during the current outbreak
  • Use telehealth service delivery methods to ensure patients maintain access to behavioral health services
  • Eliminate barriers to providing medically and clinically appropriate care using appropriate telehealth delivery models

While insurers will have to comply with this guidance, employers should familiarize themselves with the additional telehealth benefits provided.

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