COVID-19 Insurance Updates

On March 26, 2020, the Superintendent of Insurance issued Bulletin 2020-007, requiring insurers with an office in New Mexico to comply with orders issued by the state’s Department of Health regarding social distancing and other methods of mitigating or preventing the spread of COVID-19. The bulletin also reminds insurers that call centers in New Mexico must reduce their workforces by 100%, asks for help in fighting fraud, and reminds insurers that excepted benefit policies must include notices that state that they may not cover costs relating to the diagnosis or treatment of COVID-19.

On April 1, 2020, the Superintendent issued Bulletin 2020-008, urging all insurers licensed in New Mexico to speed up payments to hospitals and streamline administration in the following ways:

  • Accelerating claim payments from 30 days to 10 or 15 days
  • Reducing or eliminating prior authorization requirements, and suspending or eliminating concurrent and retrospective reviews
  • Taking steps to facilitate discharging processes
  • Advancing payments to hospitals
  • Implementing emergency credentialing and enrollment to make sure there are providers able to care for patients
  • Clarify that coverage and cost sharing decisions will be made on presenting symptoms, not a final diagnosis
  • Allow members to use out of network providers as if they were in network under certain circumstances

The bulletins are primarily directed at insurers. However, employers should also be aware of these developments.

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