Guidance on COVID-19 and Worker Benefit

On March 16, 2020, the Department of Labor & Workforce Development released guidance on how the state’s earned sick leave, temporary disability insurance (TDI), and family leave insurance laws apply in regards to the coronavirus emergency. The FAQs provide details on when employees may use their earned sick leave or family leave for purposes of COVID-19-related leave.

For example, if an individual or their loved one has tested positive for COVID-19, has symptoms, has been exposed to it through their work, or has been advised by a healthcare provider or public health authority to quarantine, they may use earned sick leave, but can only apply for TDI after exhausting unemployment benefits. Additionally, if employees have children that are home from school because the school is shut down for cleaning or decontamination or if the person’s business is ordered closed due to a public health reason, then they may be able to take leave under the earned sick leave law.

Employers should review this guidance in order to properly communicate with employees regarding the potential for leave or benefits under New Jersey law.

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