COVID-19 Insurance Updates

On March 30, 2020, the Division of Insurance issued guidance concerning the health insurance market in the state due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The statement asks health insurers in the state to:

  • Be more flexible when it comes to premium payments during the outbreak. The division encourages insurers to provide additional 60-day grace periods, to waive late fees and penalties, work out payment plans and only cancel or nonrenew policies if all other efforts are exhausted.
  • Make sure that consumers are aware of the available telehealth options, to pay out of network providers at the same rates as in network providers if the network cannot handle the increased load due to COVID-19, and to expand telehealth opportunities where possible.
  • Eliminate or simplify pre-authorization standards.
  • (Group plans) Permit employers to continue providing coverage to employees regardless of active work requirements in plan documents.
  • (Pharmacies) Consider early or extra refills for chronic conditions of Nevadans who are most at risk during the pandemic, take necessary steps to prevent disruption in drug access, and provide allowances for out of network pharmacy refills if the network cannot handle the increased load or if supply chains are disrupted.

The guidance is primarily directed at insurers. However, employers should also be aware of these developments.

Statement Regarding Nevada Health Insurance Market Due to COVID-19 »