Governor Issues Bulletin following State of Emergency Declaration

On March 25, 2020, Gov. McMaster issued Bulletin 2020-2 in an effort to provide relief to residents impacted by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The bulletin is directed at the insurance industry, including insurers, HMOS and other licensed or authorized entities and individuals.

The bulletin follows the declaration of a State of Emergency on March 13, 2020. Due to the significant disruptions and health concerns resulting from the COVID-19 crisis, state resident and insureds have been substantially impacted.

The bulletin advises the insurance industry to work with directly impacted citizens and businesses to provide relief, including extension of premium payment deadlines and waivers of related late fees, as well as allowing additional time before nonrenewals or cancellations become effective. The communication also requests waivers with respect to limitations on the use of out-of-network providers and time limitations to allow for early prescription refills. The memo further advocates for increased access to medical care via telehealth.

The memo is directed at insurers, but employers should be aware of this communication.

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