Bulletin Addresses Expansion of Telehealth Services

On March 24, 2020, the Insurance Department published Bulletin 2020-3, which relates to the expansion of telehealth services. According to the bulletin, carriers are required to relax the guidelines under HIPAA consistent with recent CMS guidance (i.e., serving patients in good faith through everyday communications technologies to include, but not limited to, telephone, FaceTime or Skype). In addition, carriers must start or continue to provide covered services via telehealth visits, including services relating to office visits for patients, physical, occupation, and speech therapy plan evaluation, behavioral health and substance use disorder treatment, diabetes education, and nutrition counseling.

The bulletin does not apply to deferrable elective, chiropractic or dental care, or to acupuncture. The bulletin also states that carriers must expand telehealth and offer coverage for e-visits and virtual check-ins. Finally, the bulletin includes a helpful chart outlining the appropriate codes for use in telehealth claims processing.

Employers should work with their carrier on any questions relating to the appropriate coverage of telehealth under a fully insured plan in North Dakota.

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