Supplemental Order Regarding Telehealth/Remote Delivery of Health Services

On March 20, 2020, the Bureau of Insurance published a supplemental order relating to remote delivery of health services, also sometimes referred to as “telehealth.” Maine law requires parity between coverage of in-person services and telehealth services. The order clarifies that “telehealth” includes audio-only telephone (something that was excluded from the Maine statutory definition of telehealth). The order also directs carriers to ensure that rates of payment to in-network providers for services delivered via telehealth and other remote modalities are not lower than the rates of payment established by the carrier for services delivered in person.

The order contains no new employer compliance obligations. Maine employers should work with their carrier regarding any questions on telehealth coverage, including parity in coverage of telehealth and in-person visits. Employers may see an uptick in this telehealth coverage issue, as more employees seek telehealth services as they practice social distancing.

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