Revised FAQs on Insurance Issues Related to COVID-19

On March 24, 2020, the Department of Insurance published revised FAQs on insurance issues related to COVID-19. The revised FAQs are meant to help employers, carriers and DC residents better understand some of the challenges and questions associated with COVID-19-related coverage. Some FAQs are more aimed toward employees/DC residents, including where an employee/resident can go to get tested for COVID-19, who is responsible for the cost, whether preauthorization is required, and whether testing/treatment for COVID-19 must be done at in-network facilities. The FAQs also address the interaction between COVID-19 testing without cost sharing and an employee’s HSA eligibility.

The revised FAQs contain no new employer compliance obligations, but can serve as a great resource for employees who might have questions on their insurance and generally with respect to COVID-19.

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