New COVID-19 Bulletin on Pre-Authorization Requirements, Telehealth, Non-Cancellation for Nonpayment of Premiums, and Catastrophic Plans

On March 20, 2020, the Department of Insurance published Bulletin No. 116. The new bulletin is meant to provide additional guidance to carriers relating to COVID-19, particularly pertinent to the governor’s March 13, 2020, declaration of a state of emergency. The bulletin requests that carriers suspend cancellations and nonrenewals due to nonpayment of premium during the pendency of the state of emergency. In addition, the bulletin states that carriers should fully reimburse providers who are providing telemedicine services through telehealth, including all telehealth/telemedicine services (not just those relating to COVID-19).

The bulletin also states that early diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19 is imperative, and therefore that prior authorization requirements should be waived relating to the lab testing and treatment of confirmed or suspected COVID-19 patients. Finally, the bulletin states that catastrophic health coverage plans may be amended to provide pre-deductible coverage for services associated with the diagnosis and/or treatment of COVID-19 (normally, such plans may not provide coverage of an essential health benefits before an enrollee meets the plan’s deductible).

The bulletin contains no new employer requirements; employers should work with their carriers in understanding the bulletin’s directives for COVID-19-related coverage items and services.

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