Podcast Episode 70: FFCRA/COVID-19 FAQs, and a Few Thoughts on Unemployment Eligibility and Business Interruption Insurance

In this episode, Suzanne Spradley and Chase Cannon discuss recent questions popping up from employers regarding the FFCRA, COVID-19 and furloughed situations. Suzanne outlines the issues to consider in determining if FFCRA applies, including factors in employee counts to determine if an employer is above or below the 500-employee threshold and whether the 50-employee small exception is automatic. Suzanne and Chase discuss furloughs, and whether FFCRA applies to furlough employees. The two then discuss unemployment insurance, and whether furloughed or laid off employees might qualify for unemployment benefits (and how the newly enacted CARES Act expands unemployment benefits). The two close with a discussion on the P&C side — business interruption insurance, and how state and federal legislation might impact how business interruption insurance works in the COVID-19 environment.

Every other week, NFP's legal experts make the subject of compliance personal for a wide audience. By breaking down the daunting details of emerging policies and bridging the gap between legislation and what it means for the listener, Chase Cannon and Suzanne Spradley make compliance issues relatable and relevant. Visit our Soundcloud page every two weeks for the most up-to-date episode.

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