Access to Coverage for Those Impacted by COVID-19

On March 11, 2020, Director Froment released Bulletin 2020-02, notifying all insurance companies (and other entities in the State of Ohio that have delivered, issued, or used policies of sickness and accident insurance) of the superintendent’s request to ensure members have accesses to health care services related to COVID-19. Highlights of the requests (explained further in the Bulletin) includes:

  • Travel insurance policies that cover sickness, accident, disability or death occurring during travel must cover related risks associated with COVID-19 (unless a specific exclusion applies).
  • Health insurance issuers should have representatives and helplines readily available to provide accurate information to assist consumers with questions about coverage related to COVID-19.
  • Emergency care must be covered without preauthorization and must be covered at the same cost sharing as if provided in-network.
  • Health insurance issuers that provide telemedicine services are expected to provide such coverage for testing and treatment of COVID-19. Coverage may not be denied solely because it was provided through telemedicine. Further, issuers are required to provide telemedicine coverage on the same terms that the plan provides coverage for in-person services.

Employers with employees in Ohio should consult their carriers, as applicable, and be aware of the superintendent’s requests when addressing questions regarding health insurance coverage and COVID-19.

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