Bulletin Addressing COVID-19 Coverage

On March 3, 2020, the Department of Commerce and Insurance issued Insurance Bulletin 20-03 addressing information related to the coronavirus (COVID-19). The Department issued the Bulletin in response to insurance related services needed during the ongoing public health crisis.

As explained further in the Bulletin, highlights of what the Department is asking of health insurance carriers include:

  • Informing insureds of available benefits and quickly responding to insured inquiries.
  • Waiving any cost sharing for COVID-19 testing. In addition, carriers are asked to waive cost sharing for an in-network provider office (and urgent care) visit when testing for COVID-19.
  • Ensuring robust telehealth programs that are able to meet increased demand.
  • Specifying that carriers should not use preauthorization requirements as a barrier to any necessary treatments for COVID-19.
  • Covering any immunizations at no cost sharing for all covered individuals in the event an immunization becomes available.

Employers with employees in Missouri should confirm with their carriers, as applicable, when addressing questions regarding health insurance coverage and COVID-19.

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