Early Prescription Refill Mandate

On March 10, 2020, the Office of Insurance Regulation issued Informational Memorandum OIR-20-02M in response to Executive Order #2020-52, which declared a public health emergency in the state with respect to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. The memo is directed at all health insurers, health maintenance organizations and other health entities authorized to do business in Florida.

As background, Florida statutes permit early prescription refills in the event that the governor issues an executive order declaring a state of emergency. As a result, insureds are able to fill prescriptions in advance as part of their emergency preparedness.

Accordingly, the memo reminds insurers and other health entities to waive otherwise applicable time restrictions on prescription medication refills and to authorize payment to pharmacies for at least a 30-day supply of any prescription medication, regardless of the date on which the prescription had most recently been filled. Certain limitations and conditions apply, in accordance with the applicable provisions of the Florida statutes.

Employers should be aware of the memo and direct any related question to their carriers.

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