Coronavirus Outbreak and Testing Bulletin

On March 9, 2020, the Connecticut Insurance Department issued Bulletin No.IC-39 to health insurance companies and health care centers authorized to conduct business in the state. The bulletin provides directions to these entities with respect to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and related issues.

As background, concerns have arisen that cost sharing may be a barrier to covered individuals seeking COVID-9 testing and treatment. Additionally, it is important that the health care insurers and centers are prepared both to inform individuals of their covered benefits and to address increased COVID-19 cases and claims.

Accordingly, the bulletin encourages these entities to waive cost sharing related to COVID-19 laboratory tests, health care provider visits and telehealth services (including out-of-network services when in-network availability is unreasonable). The Department also urges the insurers and centers to authorize payment to pharmacies for a ninety (90) day supply of maintenance prescription medications for individuals. Furthermore, leniency is encouraged with respect to enforcement of otherwise applicable utilization review penalties and claims filing deadlines.

The bulletin is directed at health care insurers and centers, who are requested to inform the Department of measures taken in response. Employers should be aware of this development.

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