Insurance Updates Regarding COVID-19

On March 9, 2020, the Department of Regulatory Agencies, Division of Insurance, issued Bulletin No. B-4.104 in response to the COVID-19 outbreak that provides guidance to insurers that issue health coverage plans or health benefit plans in the state. The Bulletin directs carriers to conduct an outreach and education campaign to remind individuals of their telehealth coverage options. It also directs carriers to provide telehealth services to cover COVID-19-related in-network telehealth services at no cost share, including copays, deductibles, and coinsurance that would normally apply to the telehealth visit.

The Bulletin directs carriers to cover an additional one-time early refill of any necessary prescriptions to ensure individuals have access to their necessary medications should they need to limit close contact with others. Carriers shall not apply a different cost-sharing amount to an early fill of a prescription due to concerns about COVID-19.

Finally, the Bulletin directs carriers to ensure that coverage is provided for COVID-19 testing without requiring that consumers pay copays, deductibles or co-insurance. The Bulletin directs carriers to waive cost sharing for an in-network provider office visit, an in-network urgent care center visit and an emergency room visit when a covered person is seeking testing for COVID-19. The Bulletin also reminds carriers that if an in-network provider is unable to conduct testing for COVID-19, they must cover such testing if performed by an out-of-network provider pursuant to Colorado law.

The Division of Insurance will promulgate emergency regulations to formalize the Bulletin.

Employers with policies regulated by Colorado should be aware of these developments.

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