Excepted Benefit Form Filings Not Approved Until Rules in Place

On February 25, 2020, the Office of Superintendent of Insurance issued a statement that the office will not approve excepted form filings until rules and standards are in place to protect the public from purchasing insurance products that may not provide benefits or protections required under the ACA. Excepted benefits, such as limited health benefits and accident and sickness coverage, are not intended to replace major medical plans. However, the office has become aware that some excepted benefit plans are being packaged and sold as replacements.

The Short-Term Health Plan and Excepted Benefit Act, effective June 14, 2019, requires the office to promulgate rules to establish permissible content and terms of those plans. In the meantime, the office will not approve excepted plan filings.

Employers should be aware of these developments and alert to attempts to sell excepted benefit plans as medical plans.

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