Podcast 67: Updates on COBRA and Employer Mandate Lawsuits, and New State Reporting Requirements

In this episode, Chase Cannon and Suzanne Spradley address two lawsuits, and discuss some new state employer reporting obligations. The first lawsuit relates to one covered in episode 66 on COBRA notice failures — the Sixth Circuit weighed in and overturned the District Court on whether a change in the premium payment turns constitutes a COBRA triggering event. The second lawsuit relates to the ACA’s employer mandate. A court recently approved a settlement in a case where the employer intentionally reduced hours for employees who were previously eligible for or enrolled in the company’s group health plan; the employer’s intent was to avoid offering those employees affordable coverage under the mandate. Chase outlines the settlement, and the reasons why the employees in the case were able to assert an ERISA 510 claim against the employer to the point of a settlement, even if the court did not ultimately resolve the 510 legal issue. Chase and Suzanne discuss the importance of continued compliance with the mandate and reporting, and dig into several states’ new requirements for employers to report in conjunction with state individual mandates.

Every other week, NFP's legal experts make the subject of compliance personal for a wide audience. By breaking down the daunting details of emerging policies and bridging the gap between legislation and what it means for the listener, Chase Cannon and Suzanne Spradley make compliance issues relatable and relevant. Visit our Soundcloud page every two weeks for the most up-to-date episode.

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