IRS Announces 2020 Mileage Rates for Medical Expenses

On December 31, 2019, the IRS issued Notice 2020-05, which provides the 2020 standard mileage rate for use of an automobile to obtain medical care. The 2020 mileage rate is 17 cents per mile (a 3 cent decrease from the 2019 rate). Mileage costs may be deductible under Code §213 if the mileage is primarily for, and essential to, receiving medical care.

Generally, use of the standard mileage rate is optional, but it can be used instead of calculating variable expenses (e.g., gas and oil) incurred when a car is used to attain medical care. Parking fees and tolls related to use of an automobile for medical expense purposes may be deductible as separate items. However, fixed costs (such as depreciation, lease payments, insurance, and license and registration fees) are not deductible for these purposes and are not reflected in the standard mileage rate for medical care expenses.

In addition, transportation costs that are qualified medical expenses under Code § 213 generally can be reimbursed on a tax-free basis by a health FSA, HRA, or HSA, assuming the plan document allows for it.

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