State Law Amended to Provide Certain ACA Protections

On May 15, 2019, Gov. Sisolak signed Assembly Bill 170 into law. The bill requires insurers to offer health benefit plans to Nevada residents regardless of their health status, and provides a mechanism for the state to oversee insurers in the state and to help residents obtain such health benefit plans. The state passed this law in order to make sure that residents of the state with pre-existing conditions would not lose coverage in the event that the Affordable Care Act is struck down in the courts.

Nevada is one of several states that are passing state-level solutions in the event the ACA is struck down in the courts, in order to make sure that their residents are covered. Employers should keep an eye on these efforts in their own states, and be prepared to make any adjustments in the way they provide health coverage to their employees in light of any state-level changes.

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