Podcast 60: Q4 Updates on the HIT, Cadillac Tax, and Lawsuit Challenging the ACA

In this episode, Chase Cannon and Suzanne Spradley look at a few ACA topics that are a bit up in the air. The first is the health insurance tax (HIT), a tax on health insurance carriers that has been on and off moratorium the past few years, but is coming back into effect for 2020. Chase breaks down the HIT, its impact on health insurance rates and on employers and employees, and whether Congress might add a moratorium for 2020 or repeal the HIT entirely. The second is the Cadillac Tax, a tax on plans that provide richer benefits. Chase and Suzanne discuss the potential issues and burdens associated with the Cadillac tax, why it was enacted, and whether the Senate might follow the House’s lead on repealing it. The third is Texas v. the U.S., the lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the ACA’s individual mandate. Chase breaks down the lawsuit, the validity of the arguments on either side, and gives a prognosis on how and when the Fifth Circuit might rule on the case. The two close the podcast by looking to the case’s potential impact on the 2020 elections.

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