Special Enrollment Period Available for Consumers Enrolled in Trinity Healthshare

On August 28, 2019, the Division of Insurance published Bulletin No. B-4.102. According to the bulletin, the Division issued cease and desist orders for Trinity Healthshare and its administrator, Aliera Healthcare, which require the companies to immediately cease and desist conducting insurance business in Colorado. Those orders were issued because Trinity Healthshare and Aliera Healthcare offer non-compliant insurance products within the state of Colorado.

As a result, those enrolled in Trinity Healthshare plans have experienced a special enrollment period (as that term is defined in Colorado law). The trigger date of the special enrollment period is August 28, 2019 (the date of this bulletin), and therefore carriers must provide a special enrollment period for all affected consumers for a period of 60 days (from August 28, 2019).

The bulletin is directed to Colorado consumers who enrolled in Trinity Healthshare, and to carriers who issue on-exchange and off-exchange (private) health benefit plans issued in Colorado. Thus, employers with fully insured plans in Colorado may need to allow a special enrollment if any of their employees were enrolled in the Trinity Healthshare plan. Such employers should work with their carriers to facilitate the special enrollment.

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