Guidance on Newborn Child Coverage

On Jan. 3, 2017, the New Hampshire (NH) Insurance Department published Bulletin INS-17-001-AB. The new bulletin is directed towards health insurers and addresses the period of time for which coverage of a newborn child is required without the payment of additional premium. As background, NH law requires coverage for children “from the moment of birth,” but requires notification of birth of a newborn within 31 days only if payment of a specific premium is required in order to have the coverage continue beyond such 31-day period.

Based on that, and according to the bulletin, individual and group plans issued in NH must provide coverage of a newborn child for the first 31 days without payment of additional premium or enrollment of the newborn. However, in order for coverage to extend beyond 31 days, the insurer may require the insured member to enroll the newborn within the first 31 days and to pay any required premium for coverage beginning on day 32.

The bulletin brings no new employer compliance obligations, but employers with fully insured plans in NH should work with their insurers in better understanding and applying the concepts around newborn coverage in NH.

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