VA State Updates - 2015 Jan 02 No.01

On May 20, 2015, the Virginia Bureau of Insurance published Administrative Letter 2015-10. The letter is directed toward insurers and other interested parties, and relates to insurance-related legislation enacted by the 2015 Virginia General Assembly. The letter addresses several new health insurance laws, including Chapters 32, 649 and 650.

Chapter 32 (SB 1227) relates to coverage of telemedicine services. Specifically, this law amends the definition of ‘telemedicine services’ to include the use of electronic technology or media, including interactive audio or video, for the purpose of diagnosing or treating a patient or consulting with other health care providers regarding a patient’s diagnoses or treatment. Providers may also prescribe drugs in connection with a consultation conducted via such telemedicine services.

Chapter 649 (HB 1747) conforms Virginia’s insurance law to the federal MHPAEA. Specifically, the new law requires that group health insurance coverage provide mental health and substance use disorder benefits, and that such benefits must be in parity with medical and surgical benefits.

Chapter 650 (HB 1940) relates to coverage for autism spectrum disorder, and was addressed in Administrative Letter 2015-08 (covered in the April 7, 2015, edition of Compliance Corner).

The letter and new laws do not create any new compliance obligations for employers. But Virginia employers that sponsor fully insured plans should be aware of the new laws, as they may impact the coverage their plans provide to covered employees and dependents.

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