IRS Releases Final Form 8955-SSA and Instructions

In January, the IRS published the final 2018 Form 8955-SSA: Annual Registration Statement Identifying Separated Participants with Deferred Vested Benefits. As background, Form 8955-SSA is used to report information about participants who separated from service during the plan year and are entitled to deferred vested benefits under the retirement plan.

The information in this form is given to the Social Security Administration (SSA), and the SSA provides that information to separated participants when they file for Social Security benefits.

Additionally, the IRS also released the final 2018 instructions for the Form 8955-SSA. They don’t highlight any substantive changes in the updated forms. Minor changes to the instructions include the addition of a reference to affiliated service groups in the definition of a single employer plan and the ability for certain filers to submit paper filings because they qualify for the DOL’s Delinquent Filer Voluntary Compliance Program. Finally, there were also updates in the instructions to the address for private deliveries.

Employers should review this form in preparation for filing the 2018 Forms 8955-SSA.

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