Podcast Episode 42: Medical Tourism's Interplay With Employer Group Health Plans

In this episode, Suzanne and Chase address the advantages and disadvantages of medical tourism, and how an employer’s compliance obligations may be impacted if they incorporate some type of medical tourism into the group health plan. Suzanne leads off with a definition of ‘medical tourism,’ including travel for medical services and procedures both within and outside the US. Suzanne delves into some of the costs and coverages, including travel costs, that are generally included in medical tourism, issues regarding quality of care for treatment received in foreign countries, and how the tax consequences may play out for both the employer and the employee. Suzanne addresses transportation of foreign drugs back into the US following a foreign-performed surgery, and how the FDA may treat that drug transportation. Chase and Suzanne close with some of the practicalities in administration and compliance, including HIPAA, ERISA and vendor relations.

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