Short-Term, Limited Duration Insurance Requirements

On Sept. 7, 2018, Insurance Commissioner Doak issued Bulletin No. LH 2018-03. The bulletin discusses Oklahoma laws related to limited duration insurance policies. As background, the federal government issued final regulations on short-term, limited duration health plans on Aug. 3, 2018.

This bulletin mentions the federally-required notice that must be issued to consumers upon enrollment in a short-term, limited duration policy. OK does not require additional language in that notice. However, issuers will be required to file forms with the state that demonstrate that they have complied with the federal notice requirements.

Additionally, the bulletin reiterates that OK limits these policies to a period of less than six months, and the policies must be issued on a non-renewable basis.

This bulletin reminds insurers of the state’s requirements for short-term, limited duration health policies. Employers should be aware that though these plans may be a lower cost option for individuals that just experienced a separation of employment, it doesn’t change an employer’s obligation to make an offer of COBRA (or state continuation), if otherwise required.

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