FMLA Forms Not Yet Updated, But Not Yet Expired

The Office of Management and Budget’s (OMB’s) three-year approval for the FMLA forms and notices used to manage the program was scheduled to expire on May 31, 2018. However, the DOL requested a 30-day extension to June 30, 2018. So employers can (and should) continue to use the existing forms.

As background, the FMLA forms are used to notify an employee of their rights under the law and to certify that an employee is eligible to take FMLA leave. Pursuant to the Paper Reduction Act of 1995, the DOL is required to submit the FMLA forms and notices to the OMB for approval every three years.

The DOL submitted the forms to the OMB back in April and requested a three-year extension to the forms in their current form (meaning they requested no changes). The current review period expired May 31, 2018, but the OMB hasn’t yet approved the DOL’s request. Until the OMB formally approves the FMLA forms and notices, the DOL will automatically renew the existing forms on a month-by-month basis. So, the DOL has updated the forms to provide a June 30, 2018, expiration date and will continue to extend the expiration date every 30 days until the DOL receives the OMB’s approval.

In the meantime, employers can use the current forms and notices. Because the DOL didn’t request any modifications, it’s likely that the FMLA forms and notices will go unchanged for another three-year term.

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