Podcast Episode 30: HSA Limits and Potential HSA Expansion Legislation

In this episode, Chase Cannon and K.C. Barner – in his podcast debut – discuss some recent announcements and adjustments from the #IRS on #HSA contribution limits. The two discuss the mid-year changes to the 2018 maximum family HSA contribution limits — and what employers and HSA account holders should do in response to those changes. Then Chase and K.C. dive into some legislation that’s been introduced in Congress regarding changes to the HSA rules, including:

  1. Clarifications on what constitutes “impermissible coverage” (including telehealth and onsite medical clinics)
  2. A clarification that expenses for dependents up to age 26 can be reimbursed from an HSA
  3. Some expansion on the types of expenses that can be paid out of an HSA (including gym memberships and home gym equipment)

Chase closes with a discussion of issues that aren’t currently included, but which would be nice to include in the final version, including how HSA eligibility interacts with #Medicare entitlement and direct primary care #DCP arrangements.

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