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Retirement Updates

IRS Publishes Guide on Retirement Plan Options for Tax-Exempt Employers

The IRS published a revised Publication 4484, Choose a Retirement Plan for Employees of Tax-Exempt and Government Entities. In this edition of the publication, the IRS reviews eight types of retirement plans available to employees of tax-exempt entities such as churches or charities. The publication provides the latest tax laws specific to each retirement plan and has been revised to reflect 2021 annual limitations.

The publication also provides basic information about each plan's benefits in the form of a summary table, which helps tax-exempt entities find the plans that best fit them and their employees. It allows users to click on the plan tabs to view and compare the complete details on each plan. It also provides a list of other IRS publications that may provide helpful information and resources for establishing retirement plans.

The publication's goal is to show tax exempt and government entities that offering a retirement plan helps employees save for the future and may also help an organization attract and retain qualified employees.

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